My interest in textiles dates to my Nova Scotia childhood when I was completely in awe of my grandmother, her French accent and the magic she created with her needlework tools.

I explored different kinds of weaving (tapestry, art-to-wear) and finally settled on functional textiles such as towels and napkins. I also make a limited number of table runners, scarves and shawls. I'm a firm believer that something as "ordinary" as a towel can be beautiful, a delight to use and improve with age. I enjoy taking a traditional design, modifying it, and adding exuberant colour.

I still consider myself a student of weaving even though I've woven for 35 years, studied it at college and taken many workshops. The more I weave, the more I'm aware that cloth, which so many of us take for granted, embraces more than I could learn in five (or fifty) lifetimes.

Some years ago, my son apprenticed with me and is now designing and weaving his own line of scarves and shawls.  He is also a woodworker and makes elegant lamps which incorporate his handwoven cloth.

My grandmother would be proud.

Local news segment about us and our work: YouTube